Whether you’re trying scuba for the first time, becoming a certified diver, adding to your diving
abilities, or becoming a dive professional, SDI has the course that is right for you!

SDI Non-Diving Specialist Scubility Shallow Water Diver SDI Scubility Instructor SDI Instructor Trainer SDI IT Staff Instructor SDI Instructor Assistant Instructor SDI Divemaster master diver advanced diver rescue diver Wreck diver visual inspection uw videographer uw photography uw navigation uw hunter and collector solo sidemount shore-beach search and recovery research night limited visibility Marine Ecosystems Awareness Ice Full Face Mask Inactive Diver Equipment Specialist Dry Suit Drift Diver Diver Propulsion Vehicle Deep Diver CPROX 1st AED Computer Nitrox Computer Boat Alititude Advanced Buoyancy Control Advanced Adventure Snorkeler Future Buddies Scuba Discovery Open Water