SDI TDI ERDI ファシリティ(ダイブセンター)になる




私たちのプロフェッショナルメンバーは、プロフェッショナルなファシリティ(ダイブセンター)と提携しています。小売店、リゾート、顧客とインストラクターのため それはビジネスのためだけに。ファシリティは事業を行うにプロのレベルを認識し、我々はできるだけ簡単にSDI / TDI/ ERDIファシリティになるため受け入れ態勢を準備しています。あなたのビジネスを促進するためにあるのが私たちSDIのビジネスです。インターナショナルトレーニングの中で私たちはメンバーであるダイブプロフェッショナルの声に耳を傾けニーズに応えることでSDIのビジネスを成功へ導いています。SDIメンバーであるダイブプロフェッショナルのビジネスの成功は、私たちSDIにとって非常に重要であり、そのために我々はベストを尽くします。


  1. Better Insurance. Our umbrella policy is highly competitive in pricing compared to the individual policies that are out there. Get better coverage, better pricing and cover more of your business assets with Dive First.
  2. As a dive center, get business support. Take advantage of our website audits to make sure you are doing what you need to stay current with SEO algorithms and ensure you are being found through web searches. Dive centers are also set up with eLearning and are provided with their own unique URLs to promote online courses 24/7 and even have the option to have their own In-Store C-Card printer.
  3. Get all around better rates and better fees. Make a comparison on how much it costs you to work independently. Find a local dive center near you and affiliate and start saving now on purchases.


SDI is a facility based certification agency. Numerous benefits and price deals are provided to your SDI facility, depending on the facility’s designation. The higher your designation, the more you will see in savings and returns with every purchase of SDI, TDI or ERDI materials that you make.

Please review our crossover applications and take advantage of the great opportunities that we, at SDI/TDI/ERDI, have to offer your facility and instructors. If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact the local regional manager in your area or contact headquarters directly, we’re here to make the crossover process simple and easy.


Instructions: To qualify for SDI/TDI or ERDI Dive Center status, your business or organization must meet the requirements outlined in the appropriate SDI, TDI or ERDI Standards and Procedures Manual. The chart below summarizes these requirements. Some of these you will only be able to meet after International Training approves your application and supplies your dive center with the necessary recognition materials and/or credentials. Others require that you submit documentation along with your Dive Center Application.

If you are upgrading to a higher Dive Center designation, you need only document those requirements which are over and above the requirements for the Dive Center designation for which your business or organization has already qualified.


Facility designations are available for your dive center depending on the requirements that have been met. Note that some requirements can be met after Headquarters has supplied the recognition, credentials and materials.

  • Charter Boat
  • Training Facility
  • Resort Dive Center
  • 5 Star Resort Dive Center
  • SDI Dive Center
  • 5 Star Dive Center
  • 5 Star SDI/TDI Instructor Training Center
  • 5 Star SDI/TDI Professional Development Center


  • Access to eLearning
  • Website listing
  • Business Solutions
  • SEO and Website Audits
  • Social Media Tips
  • Promote eLearning on your own website
  • Access to promo materials to help drive business
  • Renewal Package
  • Unlimited brochures
  • In-store Ccard Printer
  • Better pricing for materials
  • Upgrade to Brick and Morta



Facility Renewal Form


New Facility Application for the Americas


New Facility Application for International